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Payroll Solutions


ACTIO is your partner who puts your unique needs first and continuously invests in your success. We build our payroll solutions to match the requirement of team like yours no matter your team size is big or small. When you don’t have the luxury of time or money, our flexible, easy-to-use solutions evolve at the pace of your business and continue to add value down the line. The workload of HR & payroll keeps growing as your workforce expands. We get it because we’ve been there. And that’s also why we collaborate with our clients to create a solution together. We process payroll, create and send associated invoices & generate your profit reports.

Staffing Solutions


In ACTIO we addresses a wide range of our client requirements like One time sourcing, contractual / temporary staffing, Permanent staffing or Bulk hiring.  The entry level and experienced level manual or blue-collar workforce is a primary key factor in industrial sectors like logistics, warehouse, transportation, telecom, retails etc., There is a huge number of blue collar vacancies but candidates searching for blue collar jobs may not have well designed resume and may not have proper understanding of the staffing process. Our associates have expertise in addressing this gap and guide the candidate to adapt to the industrial requirement with ease.


We have our associates deployed across multiple cities and towns working  dedicatedly for our client. This help us cater to a diverse spectrum of industries. We have hired over 3000 resource across India for our clients. We enable the industry leaders to build a competent workforce through fluctuating demands and business uncertainties. Our staffing solutions enable you to scale up or down the manpower with ease. Some of our services include Sourcing, Onboarding, People management and Payroll Management of skilled and semi-skilled staff.

 BGV & Other HR Services


Grow your business with people you trust. ACTIO background check platform lets you hire dependable employees, fast and efficiently. We verify your candidates thoroughly, uncover potential for fraudulent and criminal activities, and build a trustworthy and reputable working environment. We help you to Protect your reputation and mitigate business risk.


We understand that you have worked hard to get your company where it is today. It’s not easy to grow your business while managing human resource (HR) administrative tasks and keeping up to date with staffing, technology, training and staying compliant with employment laws. It is no small task. We offer integrated and cost-effective HR administration services in Compliance assistance, Employee Relations, Talent acquisition solution, employee benefits, and risk management. We help you manage the task that are critical to business success.

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